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Alstom begins rail car manufacturing in Western Australia, Australia [free access]

June 7, 2021

Alstom has commenced production at the Bellevue Railcar Assembly Facility in Western Australia. The company will manufacture a fleet of 246 electric railcars (41 six-car trains) and six diesel railcars (two three-car trains) to be deployed on the suburban rail network in Perth and on an inter-city rail service. The railcars will be manufactured under the Western Australia Railcar Programme. Alstom will also provide maintenance services for the electric railcars for 20 years. The delivery of railcars is expected to begin in 2022 and to conclude by 2029.


The manufacturing of the railcars is a part of a AUD1.30 billion contract secured by the company in December 2019. The contract also includes an option to supply 30 additional electric trains and provide maintenance services for up to an additional 10 years.


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