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Kavim partners with Moovit to launch Israel’s first rural ridesharing bus service [free access]

June 3, 2021

Israel’s Ministry of Transport and the Kavim bus company have partnered with Moovit to launch a flexible public transport service called Quicker. The rural ridesharing bus service is available in the northern Lev Hasharon and Emek Hefer region (between Netanya and Hadera). The service enables riders to book their bus trips through the Moovit app, which calculates the fastest and most efficient route for users.


The service will be operated by Kavim. It is a collaboration between the Emek Hefer and Lev HaSharon Regional Councils and the Ministry of Transport’s National Authority for Public Transport. As part of the project, a shared public transport service will replace the regular bus service for the first time in Israel.