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ICM Mobility Group acquires mobile ticketing specialist Unwire [free access]

June 14, 2021

ICM Mobility Group, a ticketing and payment services provider, has acquired Unwire, a mobile ticketing specialist. Unwire will retain its brand and independence and will work in close partnership with other ICM Mobility Group companies, including Vix Technology, Littlepay, Kuba, and Snapper.


Unwire provides a white-label platform that aggregates services ranging from traditional public transport to micromobility, paratransit, rideshare, and other options. The platform features on-demand microtransit booking and scheduling and multimodal trip planning. ICM Mobility aims to utilise Unwire’s expertise in building gateways, creating application program interfaces (APIs), and carrying out backend integrations with the infrastructure of banks, payment processors, and transport operators.