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Government of Queensland announces investments in transport infrastructure, Australia [free access]

June 16, 2021

The state government of Queensland has announced plans to invest AUD27.50 billion in transport infrastructure between FY2021–22 and FY2024–25. The investments are a part of the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 2021–22 to 2024–25 (QTRIP). The projects in this investment programme will also be financed by the Government of Australia and local governments.  The QTRIP 2021–22 to 2024–25 also maintains funding for councils through the successful Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme, with AUD280 million to be over four years.


Over AUD13.7 billion is planned to be invested in the rail sector. The key projects are construction of Cross River Rail (AUD5.40 billion); deployment of new generation rollingstock (AUD4.156 billion); construction of Gold Coast Light Rail (Stage 3) (AUD1.04 billion); European Train Control System Level 2 upgrades (AUD646.60 million); the rollingstock expansion project (AUD600 million); North Coast Line–Beerburrum to Nambour rail upgrade (Stage 1) (AUD550.8 million); upgrade of select railway stations (AUD486.90 million); deployment of new generation rollingstock, fitment of the European Train Control System, installation of a new signalling system (AUD255 million), construction of rail level crossing projects (over AUD300 million), development of three new railway stations in Gold Coast (AUD120 million); upgrade of Mayne Yard (Mayne) (AUD114.20 million), and relocation of the Loganlea train station (AUD95.10 million).


In addition, AUD205 million is planned to be invested in developing park and ride facilities and transitways. The projects are upgrades of park and ride facilities at select railway stations (AUD82 million), Northern Transitway (AUD72 million), Eastern Transitway (Stage 1) (AUD30 million), and upgrade of the Greenbank bus facility park and ride (AUD21 million).


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