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Latin America News

Rail projects announced for Bogota, Colombia [free access]

July 14, 2021

The governments of Colombia and Cundinamarca (a department), in collaboration with the city government of Bogota, have announced plans to execute key public transport infrastructure projects in Bogota by 2035. These projects will also be financed by Consejo de Política Económica y Social (CONPES), a national-level planning and advisory authority.


The projects are Bogota Metro Line 1 extension, which will span 9.3 km; Bogota Metro Line 2, which will span 15.8 km; and Regiotram del Norte, a 47.5-km-long mass transit network connecting Bogota with surrounding cities. These projects will involve an investment of over COP28 billion.


(1 COP [Colombian Peso] = 0.00026 USD)