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Metro de Santiago invites bids to provide advisory services for Lines 8 and 9, Chile [free access]

September 5, 2021

Metro de Santiago has invited bids to provide specialised advisory services for Santiago Metro Line 8 and Line 9. The scope of work includes provision of support for the basic engineering of both routes, soil studies, environmental advice, and transversal support teams for the project. Line 8 and Line 9 have received financing authorisation for the feasibility stage from the Ministry of Finance, following which bids have been invited for specialised advisory services.


Line 8 will span 19 km and cover 14 stations. The line will run from north to south along the axes of Los Leones, Macul, and La Florida avenues, connecting five communes (Providencia, Ñuñoa, Macul, La Florida, and Puente Alto). The journey time between Providencia and Puente Alto is expected to be reduced by 60 per cent.


Line 9 will span 17 km and cover 12 stations. It will connect six communes (Santiago, San Miguel, San Joaquin, La Granja, San Ramon, and La Pinata). The travel time between downtown Santiago and La Pintana is expected to be reduced by 70 per cent.


The lines are expected to commence operations by 2030.