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Izmir Tramway Project, Turkey [free access]

September 1, 2021

Developer/Operator: İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediye (IBB)/Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the system developer. Izmir Metro A.S. is the operator.


Project description: Expansion of the tramway system in Izmir, located in western Turkey.


Background: The system started operations in April 2017. It is integrated with the Izmir Metro, the city’s rapid transit system, and with İZBAN, the commuter rail system serving Izmir and its metropolitan area.


Current network: The network currently comprises two lines. These are: 


Karsiyaka Tram: The 8.8-km-longAtasehir–Alaybey line spans across 14 stops. The stops areAtasehir, Ring Road, Mavisehir, MKAtaturk Sports Hall, Science Museum, Atakent, Selcuk Yasar, Provincial House, Bazaar, Bostanli Pier, Dolphins, Wedding Palace, Karşıyaka Pier, and Alaybey.


Konak Tram: The 12.6-km-longHalkapınar–Fahrettin Altay line spans across 19 stops. The stops areHalkapınar, University, Air Gas, Alsancak Stadium, Alsancak Train Station, Ataturk Sports Hall, Hocazade Mosque, Kulturpark Ataturk High School, Gazi Boulevard, Konak Pier, Karatas, Quarantine, Bridge, Sadık Bey, Goztepe, Guzelyalı, AASSM, Uckuyular, and Fahrettin Altay.


Ridership: The tram network recorded an annual ridership of 37 million passengers in 2019.


Rolling stock: A total of 17 vehicles operate on the Karşiyaka Tram line and a fleet of 21 vehicles is deployed on the Konak Tram line.


Track and technology: Tracks are standard gauge (1,435 mm). Power is sourced from overhead catenary at 750 V DC.The network features communications-based train control (CBTC) signalling.


New lines/extensions: Two projects are currently under development to extend the current network. 




 Recent development:



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