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Latin America News

Fitram announces plans to launch tenders for mass transit projects, Dominican Republic [free access]

December 23, 2021

The Dominican Republic’s mass transport development fund/ Fideicomiso para el Desarrollo del Sistema de Transporte Masivo de la República Dominicana (Fitram) has announced plans to award two contracts to conduct studies and engineering works for the Santo Domingo metropolitan train and for the engineering and construction of the Santiago city monorail.


Companies can submit their proposals by February 9, 2022. The contracts are due to be awarded by March 11, 2022.


The Santiago monorail will span 16 km from the southeast to the northwest and cover 14 stations. The trains will have a capacity to carry 20,000 passengers per direction per hour. They will connect with the 6.5-km Santiago cable-car line (under construction) and with six bus rapid transit system (BRT) corridors.


In October 2021, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (Cabei) announced that it had launched a demand and legal study tender for a separate rail project that would connect the capital Santo Domingo with Santiago.