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NFC Mobile Ticketing for Transit Report

Increase in mobile subscriber base and penetration of smartphones is driving the deployment of near-field communication (NFC) -based mobile ticketing for transit systems (rail and bus). Other key factors influencing the adoption of NFC ticketing include emphasis on integration and interoperability not just amongst transit operators but also with retail and other value-added services; focus on account-based ticketing (ABT); increasing digitalisation in public transport; the potential of big data; the drive towards development of smart cities; and the rise of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS).

NFC-based mobile ticketing brings in host of benefits to transit agencies. Contactless payments improve revenue by reducing fraud, lower costs of operations and maintenance, improve service, allow transit agencies to implement innovative fare structures, aid interoperable travel, and support convergence with complementary applications and technologies including open-loop credit/debit payment cards.

As a result, transit agencies have unveiled plans to deploy NFC-based mobile ticketing. This deployment of NFC-based mobile ticketing for transit presents attractive opportunities for technology providers, system integrators, ticketing equipment suppliers, mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile phone and chip manufacturers, financiers, consultants, etc.

To capture these developments and plans, Global Mass Transit has released the first edition of the NFC Mobile Ticketing for Transit Report 2018.

Chapter 1 provides information on the current NFC mobile ticketing industry including market size, standards and certifications, value added services, and key issues and challenges.

Chapter 2 discusses the key upcoming trends influencing adoption of NFC ticketing such as integration and interoperability, account-based ticketing (ABT), digitalisation in public transport, big data, smart ticketing for smart cities, and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS).

Chapter 3 provides a comparative analysis of NFC mobile ticketing and other fare media covering current deployment, key case studies, various types of NFC devices (wearables, wristwatches, key rings, fobs, etc.), and the future potential for NFC-based mobile ticketing vis-à-vis other fare media.

Chapter 4 discusses the recent developments including deployments, pilot projects, contracts awarded, announcements, partnerships, etc.

Chapter 5 highlights the outlook for the segment, opportunities, key growth drivers, plans of transit agencies to deploy NFC-based mobile ticketing, potential for NFC mobile ticketing, technology innovation, cybersecurity in NFC-based mobile ticketing, and risks and challenges impacting future deployment.

Chapter 6 presents an analysis of opportunities by region: North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East and Africa.

Chapter 7 provides information on key players in the segment and an industry outlook.

The report will be useful for technology providers, system integrators, ticketing equipment suppliers, mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile phone and chip manufacturers, financiers, consultants, etc.

The report is priced at USD 4000. It is available in PPT format (converted to PDF format).

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