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Urban Rail in India 2016

Market Analysis, Outlook and Projections

Urban railway systems are increasingly becoming popular in India to ease the traffic congestion and solve mobility problems in cities with high population density. They form the backbone of integrated public transport systems and facilitate transit-oriented development. With growth driven by favourable public opinion and environmental concerns, the average daily ridership on rail-based systems has increased from 0.9 million to 3.87 million in 2016. Over 60 km of the urban rail network has been added in the two year period 2014-2016.

As of May 2016, network of over 300 km has been developed in 7 cities at an investment of USD6.8 billion. This is planned to be increased by over 2,600 km in 48 cities at an investment of about USD100 billion by 2023. Of the upcoming projects, the greatest share is of the projects which have completed initial studies and received approval of the central or state government. While majority of these projects are metrorail systems, light rail and monorail lines are also underway.

The current level of activity in the urban rail segment presents significant opportunities for consultants, developers, contractors, operators, rolling stock manufacturers, signalling and communications technology providers, fare system providers, equipment manufacturers, construction material suppliers, etc. The market share of international suppliers is high and expected to grow further.

The Urban Rail in India 2016 report provides comprehensive and updated information on the present scenario and future outlook of the urban rail sector in India. It presents key information required to assess opportunities in the development of new systems; extension and capacity enhancements of existing systems; delivery of advanced fare collection services; deployment of power distribution systems and signalling technologies; etc.

The report describes the policy drivers, funding sources and expected availability, recent contracts, project-specific profiles and analysis, recent developments in the sector, project pipeline, market opportunities, prospects for public private partnerships (PPP), and segment analysis and projections for rolling stock, signalling, train control, telecommunications, fare collection systems, tunnels and TBMs, traction and E&M, and construction.

The report will be available in PDF format. It is priced at USD 2,400.

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