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Who should attend

The event is expected to draw participation from executives, managers and decision-makers from:

  • Public transport authorities and operating companies
  • Policymaking and regulatory bodies
  • Technology and service provider firms
  • Equipment manufacturing companies
  • Financiers and venture capitalists
  • Industry consultants
  • Research and development organizations
  • Technical institutes

Among the public transport authorities and operating companies, the target audience includes:

  • Senior engineers
  • Maintenance professionals
  • IT managers
  • Finance executives
  • Operations control center managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Capital planning and programming managers
  • Performance management professionals

Key benefits to participants

  • Understand the fundamental concepts relevant to SOGR.
  • Share ideas on recapitalization and maintenance issues.
  • Discuss best practices for asset management and preventive maintenance.
  • Explore innovative financing strategies for delivery of SOGR projects.
  • Understand issues related to measuring the condition of transit capital assets and prioritizing local transit reinvestment decisions.
  • Share ideas on evaluating and prioritizing investments for capital asset rehabilitation and replacements.
  • Network with transit agency managers and key industry players.
  • Participate in interactive discussions.